Best Southern Albums of 2017: Readers’ Poll

Every December, The Bitter Southerner rates the 25 Best Southern Albums of the year.
This year, we’re letting all y’all in on the fun, too.

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~ Take a Listen ~

One giant list. More than 160 albums from the South and Southerners in 2017. 

For four years, The Bitter Southerner has ranked the best Southern music of the year. This year, you get a turn, too.

Hit the Go button above to start ranking more than 160 Southern albums released in 2017. We've created a handy Spotify list, and you can always come back to this page to listen until you're ready to vote.

The Rules:

  • Poll closes December 5 at 11 p.m. Eastern time. All votes must be in by then.
  • You have only one chance to submit your final votes.
  • To keep things on the up and up — one person, one vote — voting requires you to tell us your email address and name.
  • The results of the readers' poll will be published on December 12, when The Bitter Southerner crew will publish our own annual ranking of the Best 25 Southern Albums of 2017.