Bourbon. Bar. Writer. South.
most certainly his downfall as well. Our tour guide, Daren Wang. Eudora Welty could be seen picking up By Daren Wang Some people want to cure cancer. Some people want to write the perfect song. Me, I Daren Wang Daren Wang, the author of the highly acclaimed new novel, “The Hidden Light of Northern Fires,” is
The First Kiss, in Memory
By Daren Wang JACKSON, Mississippi — The Mississippi Book Festival is held in the State Capitol The first stop on Daren Wang’s tour was Jackson — for the Mississippi Book Festival. Searching for Daren Wang
That Moonshine Ain’t Real, Sheriff
by Daren Wang If you want to have bourbon with Robert Hicks, first you have to have moonshine. One Daren Wang
Quickly and Without Fuss
Daren Wang visits the first Bar Bar on his drinking tour of the South — New Orleans’ Napoleon House by Daren Wang NEW ORLEANS — I am walking to the Napoleon House on Chartres Street to drink a Daren Wang
Maybe if Writers Didn’t Drink So Much...
As his bourbon-soaked, 60-event book tour nears its end, Daren Wang settles back into his regular by Daren Wang Photo via Leon's Full Service When you’re traveling on your own, a cozy bar is often Daren Wang
Raising a Glass to Larry Brown
, then, how many books Daren Wang had to sign when he was there. Daren Wang by Daren Wang Photo courtesy of Paul Wolf/Find It In Fondren Social media rains outrage on our
Following the Diaspora to Chicago
by Daren Wang CHICAGO — Chicago blues are not Delta Blues. Chess Records is not Stax Records When Daren Wang’s book tour takes him to Chicago, he drinks with Natasha Trethewey, former U.S Daren Wang
The Most Southern Place in New York
by Daren Wang ”Everything seems right here. You know, I come back to Michigan, the trees are the Thirty years after heading south for good, Daren Wang revisits his little hometown in upstate New Daren Wang
Strange Acquaintances in Chapel Hill
by Daren Wang Gary Crunkleton behind the stick at Chapel hill's crunkletonPhotograph by Lissa Daren Wang
Charles Frazier Wants Gin
By Daren Wang ASHEVILLE, N.C. — I first met Charles Frazier in the summer of 1997 while his debut Daren Wang set out to drink bourbon cocktails with great Southern writers. So, what do you do when Daren Wang
One Last Bourbon, With a Fellow Named Pappy
Daren Wang ends his tour at a dive bar in Lexington with a glass of the world’s most coveted bourbon. Daren Wang by Daren Wang Sometime in the early 19th century, a former slave made his way to the Buffalo, New
Ask for Adam
by Daren Wang Photo via NEW ORLEANS — I’ve been to the French Quarter more times than I’d Daren Wang knew little of New Orleans beyond the tourist attractions of the French Quarter. On his Daren Wang
Bitter Southerner Summer Reading Roundup 2018
freedom to the north. In a way, Daren Wang gave us the anti-Scarlett when he created Willis, the are. — CR “The Hidden Light of Northern Fires” by Daren Wang Scarlett O’Hara can vex the soul of a
Tall Tales and Cocktails
Georgia's Daren Wang, the author of the highly acclaimed new novel “The Hidden Light of Northern
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