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The Bitter Southerner offers this space for you to promote your company, product, service, event, or other news that’s relevant to our audience of forward-thinking Southerners, with prominent placement on our home page.

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The Bitter Southerner, over the last 12 months, generates a monthly average of 138,000+ page views from 90,000+ unique visitors.

Home page

Your post will appear on the home page for the duration of the engagement. The home page receives 16,000+ direct page views a month.

Individual post

Each sponsored post links to the destination of your choice — or, for an additional fee, to its own individual landing page so your content can remain within The Bitter Southerner ecosystem.

Click-through, Activity, and Tracking

We have just begun selling this position on The Bitter Southerner, so as of yet, we have no data to share. As additional data on performance becomes available, we will update this section. Nonetheless, sponsored posts are sold without a guarantee of CTR or page views — if the content is relevant, its engagement will be higher. The Bitter Southerner does not offer any tracking or reporting; we encourage that you provide tracking URLs for your links.

Twitter Mention

Each sponsored post will be Tweeted once on the day it is published. Our Twitter account, @bittersouth, counts with 19,000+ followers.


This sponsored homepage post is published every Monday and remains on The Bitter Southerner’s homepage through the following Sunday.

Cost and Duration

Posts that direct to your own site or content

$400 for one week (minimum engagement)

Five weeks or more: $350 per week

Posts that direct to a landing page on

$400 for one week (minimum engagement) + a one-time $400 design fee = $800

Five or more weeks: One-time $400 design fee + $350 per week


All sponsored posts require pre-payment via credit card. No exceptions.

Accepted Content

The Bitter Southerner welcomes a variety of content for sponsored posts. While we encourage posts that promote companies, products, or services, that are relevant to the American South and its people, we are open to posts that expand beyond that area — because we have built an audience of Southerners all over the nation and world.

Ultimately, we reserve the right to accept or deny any sponsored post if, at our sole discretion, we do not consider it beneficial for all parties involved (meaning our audience, ourselves, and you, the potential sponsor).

Content of Post

Content is provided by the sponsor. We will not write a post for you. All sponsored posts will be clearly marked as such. We believe the differentiation benefits our readers and sponsors alike.

Each post will consist of:

1 header image: 1,920 pixels wide × 750 pixels high.

No file size limit, no animation.

Up to 5 additional images or video embeds: 1,000 pixels wide × however many pixels high.

Up to 3 paragraphs of text, up to 100 words each. Minimum of 1 paragraph required.

All image files are uploaded and served through our server. We do not serve images from other servers or domains, or images contained in iframes or served from services like Google DFP.

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