Photo by Phuc Dao

A Place for Us

Come Tuesday, The Bitter Southerner is going take you on a weeklong visit to what might be the most magical place in the entire South: Cumberland Island, Georgia, an unspoiled barrier-island paradise that is truly a national treasure.

For a long time, Cumberland was the province of bigwigs — rich cotton planters in the 1800s, who were followed to the island by the Carnegie family, who bought 90 percent of the Manhattan-sized island and used it for their private retreat. But since 1972, when Cumberland was designated a National Seashore, it has been a place for All Of Us, not just the wealthy.

So as we get ready to spend the week telling you about Cumberland Island, we want you to tell us about your own most beloved places in the South. Tell us about that special place you discovered on your summer getaway. Instagram is the new postcard, y'all, so show us what you did, how you traveled and the special, uniquely beautiful Southern places that mean the world to you.

— Chuck Reece

Photo by Phuc Dao

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