More BBQ. More Swimming Holes. More Love.

You might have seen the two new "More" t-shirts we added to The Bitter Southerner General Store on Friday. One said, "Drink More Whiskey,” the other "Hug More Necks.” Some of you will be wearing them by early next week, and we're glad. 

Guess what? We’re making more,  and we want your help.

There are so many things we Southerners can't get enough of. Holding babies. Eating banana pudding. Gettin' crunk. Watching high school ball on Friday nights. Planting tomatoes. Listening to (insert your favorite Southern musicians here). 

Of course, we could all probably benefit from eating more vegetables, doing more yoga and considering more perspectives. Yes, we could go on and on, but we'd rather turn this over to you.  

What do all of you, in this big beautiful region of ours, wish for more of? Tell us. Fill out the form on this page.

At least one of these’ll wind up on a T-shirt for sure. Yes, that's right, from your collective brilliant minds will come a new Bitter Southerner "More" T-shirt.

Post the phrase you made on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, and make sure to tag us and use the hashtag #MoreBitter2015.

— The BS Crew

The verb of your choice goes in the top box. The rest comes after the word "more." Tell us what you want more of — in your South.


Use our hashtag #MoreBitter2015.