The Ebb and the Flow

Tonight at midnight, we will bring a wild, two-week membership drive to a close. But as of late Saturday night, we still needed about 400 more members to meet our goal. Whatever help you can send our way today will be welcome, and we'll be grateful for it.

A lot of love has been flowing into the Bitter Southerner community during this drive, but it was of course accompanied by an ebb, the death of the beloved Nashville songwriter, Guy Clark, a man we believe contributed greatly to the musical culture of the South. So the topic today is going to be song lyrics. Because Guy Clark wrote the ones that stick in your brain, teach you about life. His rhymes were plain, simple, direct, witty and poignant. Like this opening line from his song “Magnolia Wind”:

I’d rather sleep in a box
Like a bum on the street
Than in a fine feather bed
Without your little ol’ cold feet.

He was a legendary craftsman of songs — and the guitars he played them on, too. But even Clark, who worked his words with great precision and care, admitted that sometimes a song would arrive unbidden from the ether. This new song by Caleb Caudle, the up-and-coming North Carolina singer and songwriter, arrived that way a couple hours after Caudle heard the news that a songwriting hero had died. We’re happy to offer you the premier showing of “Buried in His Boots (for Guy Clark).”

Today, Bitter Southerners, get on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, pull out your records and tell us about the lines that matter most to you in Southern song. Use our hashtag: #BSLinesThatMatter