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What We Talk About When We Talk About How We Talk

In “With Drawl,” my Bitter Southerner story this Tuesday, we talked about the wide variety of dialects within the South – mostly in North Carolina. Yep, the variations of twangs and drawls throughout our region are rich and varied. In Appalachia a paper bag is a “poke,” but in any other neck of the woods it could just as well be a sack. Think about how many different ways there are to pronounce “pecan”: ‘PEE-can,’ ‘PEE-Kahn,’ ‘pee-CAN,’ ‘pee-KAHN,’ ‘pick Ann,’ and ‘pick Ahn’ are some of the more common variations – and that’s just one word!

We’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of some of the words that came to mind, words that we have a tendency to put our Southern spin on:



That’s just a start. We’re certain you’ve got plenty to say about… well, what we say. So as we do every Sunday, we’d like to open it up to y’all. Tell us about the way you speak on facebook, twitter and instagram. Kindly use the hashtag  #BSHowWeTalk.