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Skylar Gudasz: Play Nice

“I’m as nice as a guillotine,” sings the Durham songwriter on this sneak peek from her upcoming album.

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The Bitter Southerner got a bit excited when we first heard the music of Skylar Gudasz at Birmingham’s Secret Stages Festival, back in 2016. We even went so far as to venture she might be “the Joni Mitchell the South never had.” Her debut long-player, Oleander, wound up at No. 7 on our Best Southern Albums of 2016.

Gudasz is hard at work on a new album — no firm release date yet — but we are happy to provide a sneak peek of the first finished work from that record: a song called “Play Nice.”

If “Play Nice” Is an indication, we will hear a little more grit on the upcoming album, but it will be laid atop the inventive melodies and sharp lyrical eye that characterized Oleander. Sample lyric from “Play Nice”: “I’m as nice as a guillotine.”

“When I wrote it I was feeling a lot of rage at the idea that, as a woman, you have to play nice and smile and go along with certain things as sort of a survival mechanism,” Gudasz says. “I hope when people listen they come away with the feeling that it’s okay to be angry.” — Chuck Reece