Moving Stories: Videos from the American South

Lilly Hiatt - Royal Blue


Crew & Credits

Video courtesy of Normaltown Records

Run Time: 1:51
Release Date: 8/31/15


Lilly Hiatt gets me.

At least that's what I imagine as I play her latest, Royal Blue, so many times I fear I'll wear out its goodness.

The daughter of another very famous singer songwriter, Lilly Hiatt is royalty. I crown her queen not because of her lineage but because she writes songs that reach right down into my heart and flip a switch. She explores the grey areas. Those hard, scrappy, character building, in between places we find ourselves. If you've been on either side of heartbreak (and most of us have been on both) her songs take you there, whether you're in the mood or not.

From "Too Bad"

I know you love him,
I know you lost him,
I know he was all you had
You want to kiss him
You want to be with him
But Darlin' that's too bad. 

So go on and act just like he did
Scream and wail, blow the whole damn lid,
You think the townies even give a shit?
They're drinking their dinner just to deal with it.

We don't usually publish video trailers for records, but we're doing it today. I want to make sure you know about Lilly Hiatt.

We're not too far away from putting together our Best Albums of 2015. I'm hoping Lilly makes our collective list. She's definitely on mine.

She's the girl next door with edge. She's the bad ass storyteller singing songs that defy genre. She's the rocker, but she's also the darling. 

She does goofy things with her cat on instagram. She's a little goofy period. 

Says Lilly in this video, "There is no black and white really. There IS a lot of in between."

Amen, sister. Amen.

~ Kyle Tibbs Jones