Bitter Southerner No.8

For Zing & Zest

Cocktail by Gary Crunkleton
Photographs by Lissa Gotwals

Bitter Southerner No.7

For Southern Summers

Cocktail by Brooks Reitz
Photos by Olivia Rae James

Bitter Southerner No.6

For the Yellow Brick Road

Cocktail by Tiffanie Barriere
Photos by Whitney Ott

Bitter Southerner No.5

For Precision & Refreshment

Cocktail by Miles Macquerrie
Photos by Andrew Thomas Lee

Bitter Southerner No.4

For Celebration & Exuberance

Cocktail by Abigail Gullo
Photos by Pableaux Johnson

Bitter Southerner No.3

For Truth & Justice

Cocktail by Paul Calvert
Photos by John-Robert Ward II

Bitter Southerner

For the Long Road

Cocktail by Greg Best
Photos by Diwang Valdez

Bitter Southerner No.1

For Backbone & Courage

Cocktail by Jerry Slater
Photos by Whitney Ott & John-Robert Ward II


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