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John Paul White Plays “The Song That Changed His Life”


John Prine’s Classic "Sam Stone"

John Prine represents many things to different people. Songwriter. Award winner. American treasure. For Alabama songwriter John Paul White, when he thinks of Prine, he thinks of those things and more: Life changer.

"I wouldn't do what I do if it weren't for John Prine,” White said. “Before hearing his songs, all I ever wanted to do was sing songs that turned girls' heads. One listen to 'Sam Stone,' and I felt something deep and visceral. I knew in that moment that I wanted to make others feel that same thing. Or I was sure gonna try."

And White does so with searing authenticity in this world premiere video, "Songs That Changed My Life: John Paul White Plays John Prine." This homage to the genius of Prine helps you understand White’s reverence for the artist whose impact on fans has been beyond words.

Oh Boy! Records takes that another step with its release of "Beyond Words," John Prine’s first-ever songbook and the label’s first venture into book publishing. "Beyond Words" includes over 100 photographs from Prine’s personal collection, copies of handwritten lyrics showing his creative process along with commentary, and lyrics with guitar chords for 60+ classic Prine songs.

As a bonus, Oh Boy created a Spotify playlist to complement the content of "Beyond Words."