Moving Stories: Videos from the American South

Ace - The Gas Station Cowboy

Meet a man from Italy, Texas, who maybe … just maybe … has life all figured out.


Crew & Credits

Created By: Brigade Visual Support

Director of Photography: Kyle Pugh

Editor: Evan H. Senn

Camera Operators:  Kyle Pugh and Evan H. Senn

Original Music: David Nyman

Title Design: Matthew McNary of Hammerpress and Roger Strunk

Title Animation: Method Productions

Color Grading: Kyle Pugh

Sound Design and Mastering: Frank Turbé

Run Time: 8:29
Release Date: 10/7/15


Italy, Texas, is a little town of fewer than 2,000 people, about 45 miles south of Dallas. Not much there, really, but that doesn’t matter to Ace.

Outside a gas station in Italy, Ace sings country classics with the help of a karaoke machine. He accepts whatever tips come his way. Some folks don't make eye contact, some folks do. Ace just knows that when you bring a song into the world, you bring a little happiness, too.

You’d do well to spend eight and a half minutes of your day with Ace, the gas-station cowboy. We think ol’ Ace has the right outlook on life. And we’re grateful to our Midwestern pals Evan H. Senn and Kyle Pugh of Brigade Visual Support for allowing us to show their wonderful little film about a wonderful old man.