Dust & Dirt

Directed by Chris Stanford


Dreams live everywhere, and inside everyone. Mason Massey knows that from personal experience. On the dirt track at Georgia’s Senoia Raceway, Massey chases his dreams of one day making it to the top level of racing. But he’s got obstacles: 1) the lack of big-money sponsorship, and 2) a challenge of his own, one he’s dealt with since he was a little boy.

But Massey never loses focus: "That's why God put me here: to be a race-car driver."

This film comes from director Chris Stanford, who calls himself “a product of the Deep South with a passion for playing loud guitars and sports.” And its beautiful cinematography comes from longtime Bitter Southerner contributor Zach Wolfe.

Crew & Credits

Director - Chris Stanford
Cinematographer - Zach Wolfe
Camera Assistant - John Griffin Stanford
Camera Assistant - Dan Hollister
Colorist - Billy Gabor


~ Photo gallery by Dan Hollister ~


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