Crew & Credits

Film by Matt Morris Films

Director | Producer | Camera | Editor: Matt Morris

Cinematography | Camera | Co-Producer: Paul Bonesteel

Sound: David Schmidt

Co-Producer: Kenneth Price

Featuring: Lawrence Anthony, David Shirley

Run Time: 19:41 min.


“Well, you just have to know the right places to check out.”

That always seems to be a standard answer we Southerners fall back on when attempting to explain why we hold this little town or that one in such high esteem. And it’s true. To find gems in our region, one sometimes needs to get directions from the experienced.

Like, if somebody wanted to hear some crazily good bluegrass music without a single ounce of show-biz pretension, where would you tell them to go? One answer would be to tell them to go to Drexel, a little town in western North Carolina, on a Saturday. Tell them that once they get to Drexel, they need to find the barber shop. Won’t be hard; there’s only one of them. And once inside the shop, they need to slip into the back room. That won’t be hard to find either, because painted right on the door it says, “Back Room.”

This 20-minute film from director Matt Morris is about that back room in Drexel. It’s a truly special place.