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“Angel Duster” - Run The Jewels

To celebrate the one year of anniversary of RTJ2, here's a video that encapsulates the amazing year they've had on the road.


Crew & Credits

Video courtesy of MassAppeal

Footage courtesy of Pitchfork Festival, Life Is Beautiful, Bonnaroo, Rock en Seine, BBC, Red Bull, Music Midtown and our chief Director Of Photography, Victor Michael

Page Graphics: Photograhy by Zach Wolfe

Run Time: 5:16
Release Date: 10/24/15


Writing about music, you usually want to avoid clichés and corny lines about how the artists are an ‘inspiration.’ But what other word is there for two master-class rappers that, 20 years deep into their underground careers, finally find themselves rocking stadiums, festivals, even working with Banksy? That’s dedication, hard work paying off. Run the Jewels haven’t ‘sold out’, they’ve run the game for their cash, and made out like kings.  Today, coincidentally, is the 1-year anniversary of Run the Jewels 2, and the duo will be performing their final show before retreating to their studio-lair to work on Run the Jewels 3 for next year.

To celebrate these end times, we bring you the video for “Angelduster.” Footage was shot across the globe over this past year, as Killer Mike and El-P continued their quest for world domination. If you look closely, you can see cameos from tourmates like RATKING, Despot, Gangsta Boo, and more. El-P opens the track with “A little toast to the no ones,” and that’s exactly what their raucous live show is: a chance for people to band together and rage out, toast each other. I can’t think of any better way to sum up their careers and the statement this video makes, so I’ll let Mike’s closing bars do that for me:

Defeated all the odds went to war with the gods/earned all our scars and came back straight.